Butter Cream Cheese Frosting with Almonds and Coconut

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If you are looking for the cake recipe for this most scrumptious looking image then look no further than this link to Grandmother's Kitchen delicious Kentucky Butter Cake Recipe. The recipe you will find below is for the FROSTING! Cream cheese frosting is hands down my personal favorite frosting. I love the little bit of tanginess from the cream cheese and the mixtures with other flavors and textures like in this case the almonds, coconut and vanilla. To be honest - I honestly thought that it would be too sickly sweet but in fact is one of my most favorite cake recipes with this frosting recipe too! So, like most things in life, you don’t always know if you will like something until you actually personally try it. Desserts are an excellent place to test this theory.

Grandmother’s TIPS for Butter Cream Frosting Recipe

1. Take the cream cheese out of the fridge for about 30 minutes before you make the recipe to ensure that it is soft enough for mixing. It must be room temperature. If after 30 minutes it is not soft, leave it longer before using.

2. You can cut the confectioners' sugar down in this frosting recipe and it will still be very delicious. To do this, when mixing, mix all the ingredients together BEFORE you add the confectioners' sugar and then mix the sugar in ⅛ cup at a time to find the perfect amount of sweetness for your liking.

3. Not everyone likes coconut, so you can easily make these frosting recipe without the coconut or even the almonds for that matter!

4. Make the frosting after the cake has cooled to room temperature. Your best bet for spreading frosting on your cake or dessert recipe will be a long, narrow offset spatula using broad even strokes as you're spreading the icing on the cake.

5. Putting frosting on a cake or dessert recipe that's just come out of the oven causes the butter in the frosting to melt and could completely ruin the look of your cake or dessert. Unless you're making a Poke Cake where the frosting is supposed to melt into the holes of the cake, most cake recipes require a cooling period of at least 15 minutes before the frosting goes on.

5. The small amount of icing made here is the perfect amount for the bundt cake as it is only needed for a small surface area. If you are making a cake that requires more frosting just double the recipe.

Whenever you’re using almonds in a recipe or buying them to eat on their own or in trail mix, something to keep in mind is that they can be susceptible to mold. Mold is known to grow on almonds that have been stored for long periods of time and could cause allergy responses in the body. To prevent your almonds from getting contaminated with mold, learn what kills mold, and how to prevent it from growing in the first place. Soak your almonds in water for 8 hours or more and rinse them really well. You can then soak the almonds in water and a capful of vinegar for just 10 minutes and then drain them and eat them that way or dehydrate them until they are crunchy. Store them in the freezer to avoid mold contamination.



Makes: About 1/2 cup frosting (good for a bundt cake, but double for other cakes)

1/4 cup butter at room temperature

1/3 cup cream cheese at room temperature

1/4 cup slivered almonds

1/4 cup coconut shreds - non sweetened

1/4 cup cream or milk

1 cup confectioners' sugar


1. Combine the cream cheese and butter into a small mixing bowl and use you mixer to combine until smooth.

2. Add the confectioners' sugar a little at a time and mix in.

3. Add the almonds and coconut and stir in by hand. Frost the cake.


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Most would agree that the frosting is the best part of a cake. No wonder there's even a saying about "the icing or frosting on top" being the extra bit of sweetness you need in your life. There are about as many frosting recipes as there are cake recipes and most frosting recipes can be interchanged and used on a number of different cake and dessert recipes. The most important factor is that the flavours of the frosting compliment the flavour of the cake. That's why you'll see that many spice cake recipes include cream cheese frosting because of how well the flavours complement each other.

Be sure to savor each bite of this rich and delicious dessert recipe. ‘Everything in moderation’ is a KEY to cooking and eating in Grandmother’s Kitchen. This means that of course we eat desserts and treats, but when we do, we savor each bite and learn to listen to the subtle knowing of our own bodies on how big is the perfect slice for enjoyment and decadence and also so we don’t feel unwell afterwards. If you miss that cue..and even if you don’t, a great little healthy trick after a sweet sugary recipe is to drink a nice cup of green tea which helps our bodies to limit carbohydrate absorption after meals.(1) It’s a great tip for everyone, but in particular for anyone with high blood sugar they are watching.


"Does green tea inhibit nutrient uptake?," Examine.com, published on 4 April 2012, last updated on 22 October 2018, https://examine.com/nutrition/does-green-tea-inhibit-nutrient-uptake/

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