Best Ever Chicken Salad

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Makes: 3 cups of salad

2 chicken breasts - already cooked (we used this Instant Pot Chicken Breast Recipe)

1/2 cup seedless green grapes, sliced

1/2 cup seedless red grapes, sliced

1 cup almond slices with the brown outer casing on

2 celery ribs, sliced thin and chopped

3 green onions, chopped thin

2 Tablespoons fresh dill, chopped

1 Tablespoon fresh parsley, chopped

1 cup mayonnaise (we used Hellman's vegan)-choose your favorite

1 Tablespoon pure lemon juice or the juice of one fresh lemon

1 Tablespoon Dijon mustard

1 teaspoon Kosher salt

Freshly ground pepper


This recipe is using pre-cooked chicken, which can be cooked the day ahead in the oven or instant pot. You can also buy a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken. The chicken must be cold for this recipe.

1. Wash and dry all the fruits and veggies going into the recipe.

2. Slice the green and red grapes into rounds. Set aside.

3. Chop the celery ribs into thin pieces and then chop them a little smaller so they are a nice tiny consistency in the salad. Slice the green onions very thin.

4. Chop the dill and parsley into small pieces.

5. Take the chicken out of the refrigerator and cut into small pieces. Put into a mixing bowl.

6. Place the mayonnaise, lemon, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper into a second bowl and stir together. Set aside.

7. Combine the prepared grapes, almonds, celery, onion, dill and parsley in with the chicken and stir gently with a spatula until everything looks evenly distributed.

8. Add the mayonnaise mixture last and stir in gently to combine.

9. Put a cover on and refrigerate for one hour to infuse the flavors.

Serve in croissants, or other sandwich breads or serve with a salad.


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