Frozen Orange Fluff Dessert Squares

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One things most people don’t know about me is that I don’t really like ice cream. My 3 year old niece is adorable and says “You know who doesn’t like ice cream? ….. Crazy people”. So I am officially a crazy person in the eyes of my niece. This frozen dessert recipe however kind of breaks through that peculiarity that I have, because it is really delicious. The flavor is somewhat like a creamsicle, but a much healthier version of a creamsicle since it uses real fruit, homemade whipping cream, and organic marshmallows which although they are delicious are actually not necessary for this dessert. It would taste great even without the marshmallows.

Grandmother's Kitchen Tips for Frozen Orange Fluff Dessert Squares:

1. This is a great dessert to make with any leftovers. This frozen orange fluff dessert recipe comes from the classic unfrozen version which you can find the recipe here: Orange Fluff Dessert Recipe.

2. If you like frozen dessert recipes, a few other similar desserts are Grandmother’s Icebox Ambrosia Salad and Frozen Cherry Fluff Dessert.

3. To add even more orange flavor and orange nutrients you can use a few drops of Young Living brand natural Orange oil, which is food grade essential oil that is naturally extracted from oranges. Make sure you only use the food grade oil as other oils may not be good to ingest.

4. You can use regular marshmallows if you like, but there are also some really great non GMO, vegan marshmallows called Dandies that also use lower glycemic sweeteners in them. So if you'd like to try something different those are great to try, and they taste and work in recipes just like regular marshmallows do.

5. Be sure to line your freezer tray with parchment paper (which can be washed and re-used) so it is easy to take out and serve.

Mold can be a tricky thing to keep away from your food, but once you learn how to remove mold, what kills mold and how to prevent mold from growing in the first place, you’ll be able to keep your kitchen mold free. The dangers of mold are not terribly high, but they are significant enough that if you were to consume it for a while, you might develop allergies, allergy symptoms or respiratory issues, especially if you already struggle with these issues in the first place. So to keep mold at bay, make sure you check food over well at the grocery store to make sure it’s fresh when you bring it home. You can also buy food that’s a bit under ripe to avoid mold as well.



Makes: 16 servings as frozen dessert made in 9x9 pan

Note: The ingredients here are for the Orange Fluff Dessert Recipe, which you will then simply follow the directions below for freezing.

2 cups whipped coconut cream or regular whipped cream

1 (500g) tub cottage cheese, drain out the liquid

1 (284ml) can mandarin oranges, we used organic Native Forest brand packed in its own juice

1 (398ml) can crush pineapples, we used Dole non GMO packed in its own juices

2 Tablespoons gelatin powder

3 cups mini marshmallows, we used Dandies brand natural flavored non GMO branch

6 drops Young Living brand natural Orange oil, which is naturally extracted orange oil food grade (OPTIONAL)


1. With the ingredients above prepare the Orange Fluff Dessert Recipe.

2. Line a 9x9 baking dish with parchment paper and scoop the orange fluff into the dish. Smooth down. Cover and freeze.

3. When the dessert is frozen, remove and let sit 10 minutes or so to soften enough to be able to cut.

4. Remove from the pan. It will come out easy because you have lined with parchment paper.

5. Cut into pieces and put them back into a plastic container that has a fitted lid. Place parchment paper between the rows.

6. When you want to eat these yummy pieces, just take a piece from the freezer and let these frozen flavor delight your taste-buds!


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Use your freezer instead of the oven for this no bake treat. Perfect for hotter days when you don't want to heat up the house, or just for any time you want an easy and delicious dessert that doesn't require a lot of energy.While frozen desserts have been around since ancient times with snow and ice being used as a base for treats, using the freezer as a way to set desserts like this one didn't become really popular until the fridge and freezer were created in the early 1900s.

Using the freezer for more than just ice cubes wasn't introduced until the 1940s which is when there were more frozen foods and meals available at the grocery store. This dessert recipe has similar flavours to a creamsicle which is perfect if you enjoy orange creamsicles. It also adds in pineapples to create a tropical flavour that fits perfectly with the creamy ingredients in the recipe.

This particular frozen dessert recipe is an excellent place to practice mindful slow eating. You can avoid brain freeze, really savor and enjoy the creamy texture, and also get curious about the mixture of sweet, tangy and fluffy that will all become part of the eating experience. A fun experiment in mindful meditation would be to eat this yummy freezer dessert while you Learn to Meditate with this super cool device that has become a game changer in our personal living rooms. Eating is a great place to practice mindfulness, but if you want to understand more about the benefits of meditation in the link about goes to a super cool headband called Muse that teaches you how to meditate with real time feedback of your brain activity.

Cleaning up after food prep is important for reducing the chances of bringing mold into your home. It can grow pretty much anywhere that is moist and dark enough. So places like your fridge and food are the perfect breeding grounds for mold and other bacteria. Using natural kitchen cleaners to help you prevent mold and to kill mold can help. Vinegar is the best natural kitchen cleaner for mold as well as fighting bacteria and germs.

It’s great to spray down your countertops with a vinegar and water mixture before and after you prepare food to get rid of any bacteria or mold spores present. Also, clean your fridge out regularly as well since it can have mold spores inside of it from moldy food. Take time to clean your sink and deal with any clogged drains in your kitchen too since this can also be a breeding ground for mold.

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