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Budget-friendly Tiny Home Built From a $6000 Shed

You'll want to watch this 15-minute video on how one woman bought a shed to retire in for $6,000 and made it into an affordable tiny home. This woman did and kept her budget for her tiny home under $35,000 and she DIYed the whole building project. In this short video, you'll see how Ellen a 67-year-old retiree found the shed, the total costs including permits and utilities along with what maintenance issues have come up over the years since she moved into her beautiful tiny house. This is an inspiring video that may change the way you think about tiny house living and an affordable way for people whether they be retirees, or anyone for that matter to get home.

Ellen knew a lady who wanted to sell the shed, so she decided to buy it and move it to her son's land. Her son who lives in California, let her live on his property. She bought the shed used and gutted the shed out of what the original owner had done to make it a tiny home. Her main focus was to make the home affordable. The shed was moved in April because of the rainwater, and then she didn't move in until November 2016. Ellen loves sitting on her front covered porch, where she has wind chimes, a solar light, and plants to enjoy while she sits back and enjoys the view.

The tiny home design has a septic system and a split-level air conditioning unit. The tiny home has an open floor plan with a living area with a bathroom and a closet, and this has worked out perfectly because it is nice and roomy. The tiny house is 384 square feet in size. Ellen says it doesn't feel like she is living in a tiny space. The main thing she built the tiny house design for is $35,000 which is what she wanted to put into the building. Ellen is 67 and didn't want to be drowning in debt at that age. When you walk into the tiny house you will see the open floor plan with its kitchen cabinets that were already in the shed when she purchased it. For the full tiny house tour, you will want to watch the entire video.

When organizing a tiny house space, you want to utilize a room’s storage potential to its absolute maximum. Whether you are thinking about tiny home organizing ideas or looking for the best decluttering tips, every inch counts. And without the luxury of space, you’ll need to get a little creative. Decluttering regularly is important in any home, but even more so if you are short on storage space. With fewer items to store, you can avoid overcrowding and utilize the space available to its best potential.

Use The Back Of A Door. Often dismissed as unusable space, the back of a door offers prime storage potential in small house spaces, and you have the added benefit of being able to hide what’s there just by closing (or opening) the door.

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